Light moving from sun and sky/The universe enclosed/Slight steady throbbing heart.

Sorry about the heading, but I’ve started a new piece of work for the Art Textiles: Made in Britain gallery at the Festival of Quilts this year. We are all making our pieces for inside the gallery, but have decided to each make a piece on work in matching format to hang on the exterior walls of the gallery too. The canvases we are using are 120 x 40 cm. This format, and its partner the long landscape format, give ample opportunities for a good amount of narrative in a piece of work.

I’ve written some text to go with/on my piece, but can’t decide on the title yet; it will be one of the above lines, taken from the text.

So, some stages of its making.


My favourite part of a new project, sorting through all the potential ingredients. The series of blue and green painted and printed pieces were the first things I laid down, and the choices I stuck with too.





After much editing, organising, and a fair amount of use of the scissors, the final layout pinned to the canvas. I hadn’t intended birds to be included in this work, but from the start I knew they would be, there was no escape; see below.


I wanted to include some text I wrote for the piece, so decided that it would be perfect to make some birds using this. I printed this using my inkjet printer onto bondawebbed silk.


I then drew this chappie, as I wanted a flying bird. He’s a paradise flycatcher.


Here he is in place.


His two companions, one of which is shown above, were based on a bird drawing I had made for a piece called Autumn forest, which is in Gallery Two.


Halfway through adding all the smaller details, above and below.


And below, the piece has been machine stitched and is waiting for hand stitch and beads to be added. I will paint the canvas background but haven’t yet decided the colour.


Natural History finished at last.

Actually I don’t know why I say ‘at last’, as this has been one of my more quickly completed projects, as I started it on Boxing Day last year, in an avalanche of enthusiasm . The much mentioned Shadow and Light book is nearly two years old and not yet finished, but it’s on its way.

There are 21 pieces in the series Natural History, and here are a few images, with the whole lot all together in Gallery Three.

I hope to have space to hang all of them together on my stand at the Festival of Quilts in August, and also at Minerva in Llanidloes, Wales, next year, as part of the Sanctuary exhibition I am staging with Hilary Beattie.

They are all rather long images, but if you want to see the whole thing, just click or perhaps double click on the chosen image.


Meteorite, with detail below.



Night ocean, with two details of the sea dragons. I am quite fond of these two chaps.





To the light, and a detail.




The Beatles. Sorry, couldn’t stop myself, I’ve loved them since I was eight.

Meet the artists at Found.

Our Meet the Artists weekend at our exhibition Found at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham was amazing, very busy, especially on Sunday where I didn’t feel that I had time to converse with everyone properly, so apologies for that. It was so great to see so many people we know and lots of new people too. Thanks for coming!

The show is on until Saturday 12th April, which will be another Meet the Artists day too. We will be there from 11 until 4, again. It has been a really good show for us, especially as we don’t all manage to get together very often, as Jacqui is living in the USA at the moment, but is visiting home for the two weeks of the show.

We are already discussing our next venture, which of course I want to get started on immediately. This must not happen though, I have an enormous book to finish, must get stuck in now and give myself a proper deadline.

Here are a few images of the weekend.

IMG_1322Jacquie and Annette.




IMG_1328Me trying to do that ‘genuine’ camera smile. I was having a great time though.

IMG_1332Annette by one of her sold pieces.


Found at the RBSA Gallery.

Sorry to those of you who have already had notification of this post, I took it off as soon as I had posted it as there seemed to be an image crush, but who knows. Here it is again, anyway, or not, for those who are seeing it for the first time.

Well at long last our exhibition has started at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery in Birmingham. It was a pleasure to hang, even though these things always take me absolutely ages, and to be given wonderful help and cake by Gwen, our fourth member who decided not to be in this show but is selflessly fully involved still.

So, a few pictures of the show. Come along if you can, it’s free, and we will be having meet the artists days on Saturdays 5th and 12th April, 11-1 and 2-4, and Sunday 6th April during the afternoon only, 2-4. We will be demonstrating some of our techniques in an ongoing way, so you can drop in whenever you like.







DSC_0008Annette Lucas’s work, all based on a garden theme. I love these mysterious shadowy pieces.

DSC_0026Annette again, luscious nasturtiums.

DSC_0025And one of Annette’s 3d pieces with a companion picture.

Jacqui Calladine lives in Seattle at the moment but is very pleased to be home for the duration of this show. She based her work on her grandmother’s paintings and recipe book, using digital printing and machine and hand stitch.






And here are mine, the eight Natural History pieces, my framed works, and my large piece Found, the latter hanging altogether for the first time.








DSC_0014 1

The larger the piece, the tinier it looks in a photograph. It is actually about 2.80 x 1.60 metres.


Natural History, eight finished.

I’ve been finishing the Natural History series this week, well not all of them, there are 21 altogether, just the eight I may be able to fit into the upcoming Found exhibition. If not the full eight, some will be there at least. They are quite slim though so fingers crossed most will be hung. Found, the main piece that will be there, is such a large piece that I don’t know how much space will be left. These pieces measure 95 x 32 cms.

Here are the first eight and some details. They are also in Gallery Three, as larger images, and I will add the others in the future as they are finished. The rest will be waiting now as I am finishing the book Shadow and Light first. I would like to have some facsimiles printed; it has a lot of pages though, and it means I will be persuading Chloe to do the photography again…

NT TOOTree ferns and dawn moth.

NT2TOOTurquoise stars.


Running rhinoceros.



NT7TOOSummer storm.



The bright forest.


NT4TOOFrogs and pods.



NT8TOOAnd my favourite, Echinoderms.




A quickie here, with just a few images of the show I’ve just been in at the NEC in Birmingham. I didn’t take any photographs of other stands as there were many ‘no photography signs’, and I was in a rush too [I was supposed to be working...] But there were many brilliant things to see, including Art Textiles Made in Britain’s very own Jenny Rolfe and Hils Beattie in their gallery ‘The Shape of Nature’, which had some luscious new work on show.

It was a fantastic show, incredibly busy, with lots of enthusiastic people. I did so much talking and a lot of demonstrating too, and it was wonderful to meet so many lovely bods. Everything seems very quiet and strange now it’s finished. Shows are always like that for me, for 5 days or so the place turns into your home.

A few images, starting with the entrance to the show, which I barely saw, as I scurried in and out through the back doors every day.



IMG_1314A general view.

IMG_1299My stand. It was huge! Well it was the biggest one I’ve ever had, still managed to fill it.

IMG_1300I was working on Shadow and Light, and had taken half of the book pages for people to look at, as work in progress.

IMG_1308On to the next thing now, which is finishing some work for Quatrefoil’s Found exhibition at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham, which we are setting up next Sunday.

I’m hoping to show pieces from the Natural History series as well as Found, which was also at the NEC, some of it is visible behind moi. There are also some framed pieces of new work, as well as all the good stuff Annette Lucas and Jacqueline Calladine are making, which I am very keen to see. Here is our poster below; we are there demonstrating on 5/6/12 April.



It’s showtime folks.

And I am tense. I do love doing a show but I’m not so laid back about it as I used to be. I have to stick to close- to -home shows, which isn’t that bad as we have the NEC a relatively short drive away, but I do sometimes think that removing yourself from home and just concentrating and enjoying the show would be the best idea.

The show in question is Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC, Birmingham, starting on Thursday.  Tension aside, I am really looking forward to getting the stand sorted and this is a small part of the stuff  ready to take, with other piles dotted all around the house. It will be so empty when it’s all at the NEC, we’ll be able to do things like get to the back door, get in and out of bed, open blinds, and basically just move about, without potential serious injury!

No furniture needed this time at least, as the lovely bods at ICHF supply tables and chairs, and even electricity and lights. This is a big deal as power at shows costs a bomb.

DSC_0001Where would I be without those giant Ikea bags…trouble is they are now so full it takes 2 people to lift them.

DSC_0004I’ll be working on my stand on my latest artist book, Shadow and Light, and also hoping to finish my zig zag books ready for our show at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, which I am setting up the following week. Above are some of the books in progress, and below, the joys of making tiny pieces of work! Amazing. I haven’t done anything this small before, it’s so easy to manoeuvre the pieces, much more fun than all that fighting with great rolls of cloth.




I have stand ZJ21, so come along for a chat if you can.



Back soon with some pics of the stand and the show.


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