The last of the giant books.

It’s been a busy time here, as I have been teaching my regular ceramics classes and looking after my mother, but I have had some time to finish the last of the pages of my artist book, Shadow and Light. It is going into the Art Textiles: Made in Britain gallery at the Festival of Quilts this year, which is some way away but there is a lot of finishing off work to do on the pages yet. I don’t think I will be making any more extremely large books, but although this is the end of a  productive era, I have enjoyed making them and they have served me well. However, from past experience as soon as I say I’m not going to do that any longer, I immediately start another huge project. Storage is one big problem though!

The last few pages weren’t too bad to do, as I had been planning them for some time and, more helpfully, they used a lot of material I had already made, or at least half made. So here they are, laid down and ready to stitch.


The last of autumn: a longer poem, ‘From the Bright Sky’, and some printed and dyed Khadi circles.  The double page spread measures 140 x 35 cm. Below, two details.



And below, moving into winter…





These are mixed media, including prints on paper and acetate, and an older embroidery.

Below, winter has set in; I’ve allowed it 4 pages.




These are the pages below, waiting to be finished. I think there are about 40, if not a few more. Eek.


I’ve written this whilst listening to Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the Seventies programme on Radio 2. Disconcertingly I know nearly all the lyrics in nearly every song; poor George has had to put up with my singing. I wish my memory was as good for nearly everything else in life…

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10 Comments on “The last of the giant books.”

  1. Jane Officer says:

    Steph, just lovely…. what more can I say. Jane x

  2. Margaret says:

    Such a lovely lot of things to enjoy here – and I so love sketchbooks, journals, and artists’ books. They all in their way have such appeal.

  3. Lesley Crawley says:

    So, you’re not going to make any more large books eh? Hmmm.., I’ll wait and see as I think I might have read that line on these pages before….. I think your ideas are big and bold Steph so you have no choice but do them justice in this way. As ever, I am drawn to the monochrome and those winter pages are fabulous. I like the look of winter in your head!

    • Lesley if I keep making large pieces of work I’ll have to rent some storage! I still love monochrome more than anything too; in the past 10 minutes it’s actually become very monochrome here, with a sudden and very heavy fall of snow.


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