New work for “Place, Object, Narrative.”

I have an exhibition starting in August at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery in Birmingham. It’s called “Place, Object, Narrative” and is basically but not too obviously, I hope, autobiographical.

Here are some of my design sheets laid out ready to use for some new work. I’ve started 4 large pieces based on the garden and the seasons [they’re earlier in the blog] and I’m working on smaller work that will be framed, and quicker to complete too.

These are the sheets I’ve chosen to work from. Some were drawn last year, others since Christmas.

This is the sheet of sketches I’ve drawn from my ideas on the original sheets, basically the images that I was most enthusiastic about and from which I wanted to make new work. I’m aiming for 2 pieces from this and in another piece I aim to use some of the Baroque elements I’ve explored in” Boboli”, but want to do more work on. I generally work with quite angular imagery so all those Baroque curves are a real change.