Nearly finished one of my stockpile.

No image until Sunday, but I’ve nearly finished my frog picture, must think of a good title for it. I’ve always set deadlines and decided this one was going to be finished today, photographed tomorrow, then framed tomorrow too. Then it’s going to be used on the poster for “Place, Object, Narrative”, which I shall also do tomorrow. Let’s hope tomorrow has more hours in it than usual then. Then I hope to continue sorting the garden in this fantastic weather we’re having, but probably in a slow plodding sort of way to preserve the back.

I did a demonstrating slot today, and last week, at a group exhibition I’m in at the Red House Cone Glass Museum in Stourbridge, West Midlands. This helped move the frog embroidery along. The group I’m in is called Eclectica, we meet monthly and exhibit together. The show has been incredibly popular, the venue is thrilled. One of us has been there each weekend day demonstrating and chatting. It ends on April 25th, free to get in and there’s a good museum and shop and a fantastic glass kiln, the cone in question.

Off for a restorative drink…