Cabinet of curiosities

No picture yet but I hope to start on a new piece based on the cabinet of curiosites / natural history collection idea. I’ve done a few pictures entitled “nature table” over the past few years, with a mix of creatures and plants, and this theme will probably continue too. The nature table was the best and indeed the most bearable bit of my primary school career, apart from art classes. Not a school sort of person, although immensely studious in secondary school. There was an excellent cabinet of the most magnificent curiosities at the Baroque exhibition at the V & A last year. That was an important exhibition for me and is influencing my work a great deal.

Anyway, back to the cabinet, it will be a mix of collected objects and creatures I’ve long wanted to put in my work. It’s interesting how this exhibition I’m working toward has moved my work strongly toward the illustrative. I intend to keep making larger more abstract /pattern based work too, but not too much as I’m moving from my studio and the space at home is very limited, although I’ve always managed in the past. I’ve sorted and free’d up our very small box room as my base but will need to work in the conservatory end of the kitchen [the conservatory doesn’t exist as such] and the living room which is where I hand stitch anyway.I’m currently stitching another hazelnut piece, it may be called “Five trees, Winter dusk” or similar, totally ignoring the presence of the poor hazelnut.