Here are some images of the start of my new piece, the cabinet of curiosities idea. I think it will be called Collection; there may be a series as I have rather a lot I’d like to include. There will only be one piece of work for now though, I already have a back log…

I dug out my small but treasured collection of dried insects, bones, shells, fossils, a geode and crabs etc [I picked these already dead crabs up from a Portugeuse beach in about 1970] and put them together for their photo opportunity. Then I drew some of  the pieces and played around with the drawings. I already have a couple of pieces made in fabric to use, so now I’ll be translating the drawings into fabric and then laying them down and stitching as usual.

They’re all in the old frame I intend to use, after a bit of refurbishment.

The drawings and one of my pieces of writing I intend to include. The swan theme is a long standing interest I’ve never used although I do want to in some way in a future project, but not this one. I’ve drawn the blackbirds but re-arranged them in terms of importance, and intend to make a printed page of my own with my text. I like the idea of a page from a book placed in a cabinet of a person’s objects of interest.