Collection moves on and a good day out

I spent part of the day moving Collection forward, it’s quite a fiddly one for me, but I feel I’m moving in a different direction with this and some other recent work, which is good. I think I’ve decided that my work has two aspects, one aspect is a more illustrative type of work and the other is the making of larger abstract or at least non – representative pieces. I think I’ll develop the use of skeleton and bone imagery too, animal and bird, not human, as bones are fascinating and beautiful.

Collection piece so far, all ironed down, plus one of my “poems”. [not readable in this picture but it will reveal itself in time I’m sure.]

I’ll post some close ups of the various fossils, skulls, leaves etc, as I stitch them.

I intend to finish hand stitching my latest Baroque hazelnut piece this weekend, and photograph and frame it. Pictures to follow.. I keep putting these intentions on my blog to make sure I live up to them.

Had a lovely day out with a friend yesterday, much needed peace and quiet and conversation. We went to Hanbury Hall, quite a local National Trust property; I’ve been there so many times in the past 20 years and love it. We walked around the grounds and had lunch. It was very cold and very dull, until we got into the car to come home, when the sun emerged. A familiar tale. Here are a couple of pictures, one of the misty landscape and one of a part of the formal garden, little lollipop trees which I’d like to use in my work. The bulbs in flower were great but I only photographed things I’d like to draw or make into textile pieces, sorry.