Five trees, frost.

Here are some images of “Five trees, frost”, the finished hazelnut piece. Another one ready for my show at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. It’s not until August but the stitched pieces take so long it’s a relief to have a couple done and ready.

I’ll be in the studio tomorrow laying down a couple of garden pieces for the show. I’ve already done this job twice. The first 4 pieces I decided were too large, so I will finish those for the Festival of Quilts next year. Then I started 2 smaller pieces. Now I’ve decided those will be too large and that I want all the work in this show to be framed, so tomorrow I’m starting the [hopefully] final 2, suitably small[er]. I’ve got the frames, I’ve measured them, so that’s that…pictures to follow. I have a lot of garden inspired work building up here…

The whole work, followed by 2 detailed images.

The hazelnut.

A close view of some print and stitch.