Winter and Summer

I’ve finished machine stitching the Winter and Summer embroideries for my show, and they are now at home waiting for the inevitable hand stitching experience. The Summer piece is very active and lively, just like our garden in the summer; basically a sort of jungle. Hopefully this year the real garden will have even more insect friendly plants too, I like those hoverflies, bees, butterflies and moths.

The Winter piece has turned into something quite deep and subtle. I wonder if this is because I like winter more than summer. I love the longer days, but there’s something about winter, I miss it when it’s gone. I never sun bathe, and  love the shade, so there we are. As for lying on a beach, well. I’ve tried it a couple of times and was plunged into an immediate and terrible feeling of depression, which improved as soon as I went for a paddle.

Here’s Summer. It looks like a sort of mad Midsummer Night’s Dream sequence. Everything is verdant and fecund, I imagine.

And here’s Winter, also a night scene. Quiet, cold, contemplative. The trees in these pictures are in our garden.

I intend to finish another piece this weekend, it’s quite plain for me, very rich blue, a hot summer picture. Images to follow.