Ravens revisited and on with the jungle.

I’ve finished the promised garden piece but have yet to photograph it, can’t quite concentrate as we have a poor British Gas engineer here wrestling with one of our ancient radiators. He’s very popular too in that he receives lots of ‘phone calls, and I can hear a lot of water sloshing around. It’s a noisy sort of job it seems.

I was in the studio today working towards finishing “The Secret Jungle”, a large hanging destined for the Festival of Quilts, so I’ve photographed that. I’ve done as much machining on it as I can manage, it’s a bit of a beast to handle, being rather stiff. It’s all by hand from now on, a daunting sort of task, but I’ve started to put beads on it too now so it’s looking quite perky and I’m re-energised with it. I started it, in laying out terms, about 2 years ago.

I’ve also decided to make a project that’s been brewing for a few years, that is a giant nest and egg with ravens. I started a quilt years ago which I didn’t finish, it’s not very good, but I do like the ravens. I made a large ceramic version of this too, in 3 dimensions, the nest was about 45 cm across and the birds 30 cm long. It was sold in an exhibition, but I can’t find the photographs unfortunately. Anyway now it’s time to make the textile version, so I’ll have to design the pattern for the birds, which I’ll make out of painted canvas I think, with stitching. I want them to look bohemian, but also good parents standing over their precious egg, which I think will be papier mache. The other egg was of course ceramic; I still have the mould I made for it which I’ll use again. The nest will be big and woven, watch this space, she said with hope and conviction…

Here’s the jungle quilt.

A detail of the above, followed by another detail.

And here are some pictures of the unfinished ravens quilt. The nest is a forerunner of the nests I do  now, but I like to think I’m better at them now…

It’s about 1.5 x 1 m.

A detail follows.

They look fierce but they’re lovely really.