Pool, Summer.

Here are some images at last of the latest finished garden piece, called “Pool, Summer”. It is based on my garden but I’ve tried to leave more space than usual, which makes it look as if it was a simple piece to do but believe me I don’t do minimal easily. I have an urge to move into more abstract work at times, which is always at odds with my illustrative side. O the confusion… I’d also like to stitch lovely soft cloth too at times, instead of the stiff stuff I produce. Never satisfied ‘eh? I’m now stitching a chilly winter picture, bare branches, the Moon. Images when it’s done, it won’t be long, I’m doing big stitches.

Had a good meeting with a textile group I’m in [called Eclectica] this morning. We’ve just had a great exhibition in Stourbridge, West Midlands, and we were discussing where to show next year, as well as the NEC where we’ve been for the past 2 years. We met some potential new members too, it doesn’t sit happily with me chosing people, which we have to do now.I’m quite pleased I’m not power crazed, although my husband and daughter may disagree with that assertion.

“Pool, Summer”. Here’s the full piece, it’s about 55 cm x 35 cm.

Two details follow.