Nest or book and the inspiration for my pools.

I can’t decide whether to do the nest or the book idea I have for the 3 D section in the Festival of Quilts. I want to do both, eventually, and laid down a story board for the book idea today, which dampened my enthusiasm a little when I realised the work involved. Perhaps I should leave it until I’ve finished the work for my exhibition, which actually doesn’t need to be done or finished until after the work for the Festival. It seems that it needs to be moved on though, so I’m letting it take charge. The project is now telling me I need to do a piece based on pictures of my many visits to Wales, as well as another more personal esoteric picture that will probably need to be got out of the system.

In the studio today I carried on with the hand stitching on the jungle quilt, I’m enjoying it now the beads are going on. No new images today but I’ll be finshing my Winter piece soon [this weekend, you have to be firm with them or they go on forever]. I need to think of a title, probably “Snow”, it seems apt enough. Here’s a photograph I meant to post in relation to “Pool, Summer”, the inspiration for it. The pool in question isn’t our pond, a poor dilapidated thing that will be rebuilt this year, but a large ceramic dish I made, full of water and reflections. It appears in my Summer piece, still in progress too, and doubtless will work its way into a few more pieces of work.

Not that you can see the pond, what with the surrounding jungle. The dish is about 85 cm long, it’s a sort of leaf shape. When I worked in ceramics I never had enough time to make anything for us, so occasionally I do a piece for the garden. They’re all too large for our small garden really, but that’s never stopped me.