I’ve been framing a couple of pictures today, not my favourite activity I admit. One was in a new Habitat frame, they seem to be well made and easy to use, the other was in an old Ikea frame, a really good solid object. They don’t make them like that anymore unfortunately, hence the move to Habitat. I have a few good Ikea frames I bought years ago and I’m moving a few older pieces of work out of them and recycling them, as framing is a costly business if you’re not careful. Sometimes I’m more careful than others. At the moment dodgy job prospects have led to thrifty management of existing resources.

Had a pleasant afternoon out at a National Trust house in the Midlands called Baddesley Clinton, we go there relatively frequently, so here are a couple of pictures. It didn’t rain either, good. Spent a while watching the bees working in the sun.

Stiil stitching my garden piece, the Summer one, and thinking carefully about a slightly more political piece to do with my views on animal experiments. I don’t want it to be overly obvious, I don’t want to hit the viewer over the head. This was prompted not only by my general views and membership of the Dr. Hadwen Society but also by the reports of a particular exhibition in the current edition of Embroidery magazine. There’s an interesting article quoted too, written by John Berger, which I will catch up on.

1.View of the lake at Baddesley Clinton.


2.Typical Spring colours and skies.


3.One of the wonderfully pruned apple trees. This is why all my trees are so weird looking, I’m convinced.