Gallery Day

I did some stewarding today at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Galleries, so thought I’d post a couple of images of the gallery. The 10th Anniversary show is on at the moment. The RBSA was started in the 19th century but we have been in this building for 10 years now. It’s a great gallery with a lot of excellent shows, some of which are open submission so if you fancy exhibiting there give it a go. The first picture is of the craft gallery which is excellent, the second is a view of the second floor gallery. Many of the works in this show were 10 inches square to fit with the 10th Anniversary theme. Mine is there in the distance in the second picture, you won’t spot it!

After my stewarding I went to the Art Gallery to meet a friend, and had a quick detour into a favourite room of mine, Gallery 32, which is known to me as the “ancient pot room”. It has ceramics from ancient Cyprus, Jordan, Greece and more, plus Roman ceramics. I went there a lot when I made ceramics and still love it. It’s going to inspire some textiles, I can tell. The displays of small oil lamps are beautiful, I must get a photography pass and take some pictures in the gallery.

Just off to photograph some of our stunning parrot tulips before the weather [cold, rain, wind, colder] wrecks the poor souls.