Having a think

No images today, I’ve been doing some rather deep thinking about my work.This has happened before rather awkwardly just as I’m in the middle of a batch of new pieces for a show. A new body of work really reveals, to yourself, what is deeply felt and necessary to make, and that which one does for show. I think I’ve sorted the “show” stuff out, and have shelved several pieces I have started and featured on this blog as they didn’t feel authentic. I often go for a walk to sort this sort of thing out, and then proceed to think of anything but the immediate concern, but, at the end of the walk, a solution has been found. This then involves making tough decisions and deciding not to continue with work that once you thought was the best thing you’ve ever started and that you have put a lot of work into. It is however necessary to be pragmatic, and once I’d sorted this I felt considerably lightened. It’s good to edit, but tough.

I have started a new piece which I am happy fits into my new aesthetic, I’ll post an image soon.