The Stone Bird

 Back in the studio today.

I’ve decided that for the Festival of Quilts I’m going to make another book that I’ve been planning for some time,  rather than the nest [a previous post, Ravens Revisited, discussed the making of a giant nest.] I would still love to do the nest but the books are very important to me.

So I’ve laid out the first page of my new book, “The Stone Bird”. There’s rather a lot to do in just a couple of months, but I have written the words and need to do it, so that’s that. Eeek.

The necessary watercolour paper has been purchased for the printed texts, and I spent some time today deciding which fossils to use on this page. There was a fair amount of drawing but I wanted to simplify them so was able to do this when I translated them into textile. The stitches will add back some detail.

The next page will be an archaeopteryx which will take some drawing and translating into textile, but after that I can go mad with jolly and clever birds. I’ll have to sneak in a reptile or two and a frog and some exotic plants somewhere too.

Here’s a picture of the first page, not yet finished in terms of laying out.

It’s a picture of a landscape, fossils and the Milky Way.The book will progress in a  historical, seasonal and nocturnal/diurnal format.