Much stitching of fossils

In the studio today, I finished laying out the first picture of the new book, and machine stitched it ready to bring home to hand stitch.

I will miss this room, it’s very light and there’s no space at home to spread out and make so much mess. I did tidy it today and decided to finish the jungle quilt at home, and also brought home other bits and pieces as to do it all at once would be crazy. Also I will be leaving it just on the deadline of the Festival of Quilts work needing to be delivered and the putting up of my solo show, so need to plan ahead. Finding places for all the fabric etc is quite a task.

The machine I use at the studio is a Pfaff, I sort of hate it in some ways, but I’m growing to love it more, recently. This is because it will do all of its fancy stitches brilliantly, even with the dreaded metallic thread, but the reason it drives me crazy is that it hates to do simple straight stitch, which of course I use a lot. Anyway, at least it’s involving the use of a bigger range of stitches, which I shall try to develop as I’m trying to cut my hand stitching down, due to a worn out hand. Poor old stick.

More pictures soon, it will be the archaeopteryx soon.