Boboli done.

Well at least I’ve finished making Boboli, a hanging I started last year. I’ve just got the hanging sleeve to put on. I’ll make it from printed fabric to match the piece, and I attach it to the top of the work so it shows, I can’t be doing with those hidden sleeves, but of course they are perfect for a useful quilt, where it may be on a bed. Mine could go on a bed of course, but they are a bit stiff…

I’ll put the sleeve on next week, I’ve painted the fabric at the studio, and photograph it, then it will go to the Festival of Quilts. It’s good this year as we can deliver to the NEC; I live quite close, well, a lot closer than Greenwich which is where we drove to last year as I had 3 awkward pieces to deliver. We had a lively couple of hours in Greenwich though, the Dining Room at the Royal Naval College was amazing and the little chapel there was beautiful.

Anyway, Boboli is based on a stone basin I photographed in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, and is going in the Quilters’ Guild challenge, which is “Summer in the City” this year. I’ll post its picture next week. It’s quite unusual for me in that it includes curves. I usually do staight and blocky, but all those Baroque curves prompted new work, which I will continue to explore.

The next one to finish is ” The Secret Jungle”, which will take time as it’s even stiffer, with a fair amount of plasticised fabric in it. But it will be done, as I need to get on with the new book, and panic is nigh. Also I want to be in the garden too, organizing pots and plants, which I use as my release, along with the brandy.