Nature Table V

I’m working on a long series of peices called ” Nature Table”. It started with a more obvious representation of articles you may find on a school nature table, and has moved to encompass anything in the natural world I like, really. One featured a turtle [swimming] and another a monkey. So it’s a good generic title for a series which has been on the go for about 5 years. It’s good as it’s not forced, one just crops up every now and again. The nature table was one of the things that kept me going at primary school, that and drawing and painting.

I wanted to do a piece for the Prize exhibition at the RBSA, so Nature Table V evolved. It’s actually landscape based, and measures about 45 cm x 45 cm. The show is selected, so it may not get in, but I can use it in my exhibition if it doesn’t. I do find these days with work taking so long that I have to think of multiple uses, either as cards with the simpler pieces or several showings of the larger works.

Here are some images of it anyway. I’m still stitching the Secret Jungle piece and working on the new book too. The urge to go into the garden keeps interrupting however…