Boboli on the wall

I had to pin Boboli, the mostly finished piece for the Festival of Quilts on the wall to photograph it to send with the entry form, as they need to know how to hang awkward pieces like this. It’s in three parts. I worked at the NEC the year before last helping to set up the FoQ, and it’s hard work, so I really appreciate those workers.

I’ve just got to attach the hanging tops, but thought I’d post a picture of it. It’s quite large, 196cm drop x 190cm wide. It’s a strange mix of gentle leaves, Baroque curves and some quite strident sections; I think I was subconsciously influenced by some of the more menacing architecture of Florence, all that macho rustication of the Pitti Palace shows in the more angular lines and divisions. I’d like to do more work in a similar vein, it does however take me a long time to do this sort of piece.

Spent part of the day painting fabric for my book, it went on rather as I kept mixing too much paint and having to use it, so the cloth was wetly festooned everywhere, I was imprinted on a couple of occasions. I’m hoping to get on with the archaeopteryx page tomorrow, he’s a poor crumpled fellow. It’s a good way to learn though. I’ve been interested in fossils for ages but doing work based on them and the necessary reading is teaching me more than having a mild interest. I would say that my fossils in the book are definitely artist’s interpretations however, not scientifically accurate.

Here’s Boboli.