I managed to lay down the archaeopteryx at last yesterday, after much drawing and cutting. I think it says what I want it to say, it was certainly one of  the most concentrated pieces I’ve done. Of course I’m very fond of the little chap. He’s from the Jurassic period, found in Bavarian limestone that pulls out of the quarry wall like books and opens like pages. That’s what inspired me with this project, the idea of a stone library. Mine is made from printed calico, acrylic paint and ink, not very Jurassic.

I’m not entirely sure how to stitch him yet, sparingly I think. I also haven’t decided whether to place him on rocky fabric or text. This book is covering new ground and the preparation is fairly intensive. I can’t help thinking I should have started it earlier, last year for instance. Or 2008 preferably. It’s usually the way. Here are a couple of early images. I’m hoping to get the printing of the first book, “Into the Cacao Grove”, sorted soon too.