V & A, and someone take the scissors off me.

A trip to London yesterday to see the quilt show at the V & A, “Quilts 1700 – 2010”. It was good to see the subject treated seriously by a major museum in an academic fashion, and the way the exhibition was divided and titled provided an interesting insight into the history of this important craft, and indeed in my opinion, art. I always enjoy looking at historical works,we wouldn’t be working today so happily without them, but find the contemporary pieces more relevant and thrilling. Grayson Perry’s quilt and Tracey Emin’s bed were top for me.I was mildly upset by the pink paint used in the show, and the quilted look shopping trolleys were distressing, type casting personified I thought. London was very full, can’t complain, I was one of the thousands. The V & A was comfortable enough to look around, although the restaurant looked to be a challenge. We had already eaten, craftily, at the British Museum, we went in en route. My husband wanted to go into the Natural History Museum but was thwarted by very long queues and drizzle, poor soul. At least he had a good look around the V & A instead, then as the weather cleared we went for a walk in Hyde Park, phew. The rose garden there is lovely. And there was no one in sight wearing a back pack.

Back at home I have got the scissors to my first Stone Bird piece, which is now chopped up and re arranged and I am happy with it. It was too crowded and on horrible thin floppy cotton. I was in a hurry to start it you see. I now have the components spread over more space but have a surplus of fossils, namely a trilobite, a fern, a squid and a sponge, which looks like a tulip, but I like the shape. I’m sure these will come in useful, if not in the book I could put them on a T shirt.

Anyway, I often start a project by trying to cram too much in, then realise it’s not good work and needs to calm down. Fewer stitches, more space. The archaeopteryx has been unpicked too and the stitching simplified, all of which is a great relief. Images to come tomorrow.