Images of the Stone Bird

Here are a couple of promised images of some pages, not yet totally finished, from the Stone Bird book. The Archaeopteryx is on a background of printed text, and will be finished after some more hand stitching  .

The landscape is the “altered” piece, it’s now on watercolour paper and will have more stitching added too. Hopefully I’ll be in the studio tomorrow, laying down the next page. I tend to draw these out very roughly, as from experience I know they always change as soon as I move into working with fabric, quite often fairly radically. I also do a lot of planning in my head, quite often in the middle of the night when I wake up. I must admit I don’t stay awake long when I’m thinking about my work, hopefully not because it’s so boring it sends me to sleep. The amount of time you spend planning work both consciously and otherwise must impact on those decisions that appear to be made by something other than your conscious mind, the way something happens that is just right but you have no idea how. Experience and intuition in combination, plus luck.

The altered piece, minus a few fossils.

Archaeopteryx on his text. He has another poem to his name too.