All teaching and cards

I’ve been teaching and making up card orders this week so not a lot of new work to show, although I am making a piece to enter into the summer show of the  Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth, Wales. It has to be based[ loosely] on a poem, or part of a poem in fact called “The Love Messenger”, which is full of imagery about the summer. It is a selected exhibition so fingers crossed. They have a lot of good work in the summer shows, I’ve see a couple of them in past years.

I’m also hoping to finish another piece for my solo show, it is part of the book but I like it a lot and I think I’m particularly happy with it as it’s the direction I want my work to go in, a little more pared down.

I’ll post a picture of it, it will be called “Beach.”

I’ve had my first article published too, it’s in The Quilter magazine, and one of my pieces is on the cover too, which I didn’t expect, so that was great. It’s called “The Intricacies of Inspiration”.

Have also managed to get “Into the Cacao Grove “, my book, sorted with the help of my brilliant daughter, and it’s gone off to be printed. Well one copy has, so I can see what it looks like and if I want to change anything.