As promised here is the new piece “Beach”. I thought I’d keep the title simple, no need to go wild. The stitching will hopefully be minimal and I thought I’d mount it on stretchers with no glass. It’s not going to be shown as one piece on top of another when finished but side by side. I need to finish some card orders before I get going though, have to make a living, ho hum.

Each piece is A2 sized, the bottom one is on a thickly painted background, I used acrylic paint and scratched into it. It wasn’t done for this project but for something else that it didn’t suit, but it just seemes right for this picture. There are cut up pieces of  digitally printed cloth too, from pictures I took on Tywyn beach in Wales, close to the strange ancient forest remains, peaty wood- like trunks and wonderful weird shapes and arrangements of chunks and slices of woody material. Must check up thier actual age.