Another Summer piece

I seem to be doing a lot of Summer pieces this year, it’s not a seasonal thing with me usually, the way my work evolves. It’s more like an idea or ideas gestating without me knowing it, that suddenly turns into a concrete piece of work. No, I haven’t started to work in cement, although I like it as a medium.

Something has happened with landscape as a theme. I’ve started to do landscape work more recently even though it is in fact something I have wanted to do for years in a more concentrated manner. I’ve sold my latest landscape piece at the Prize Exhibition at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, that was a real surprise. I was looking forward to having it back home but I don’t do them to keep them, although there are some I wouldn’t sell.

This is another landscape piece which I’m entering into the Summer Show at the Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth, Wales. It’s a selected exhibition so I don’t know if it will get in. I was watching the Culture Show last night, it was about the RA Summer Exhibition, an endlessly fascinating phenomenon. I may have a go next year, Grayson Perry likes embroidering after all.

Anyway, a fair amount of teaching going down recently, some charming teenagers from Moseley School in Birmingham. They did some inspiring work. I wanted their pieces of painted and printed fabric to use myself, and the collage work they produced was quite beautiful and unusual.

Here’s “Summer; hill, pool, river”, the Machynlleth piece, or not. It’s about 65cm x 30cm. I’m continuing my experiment of using larger stitches, perfect if you’re short sighted.