12 Books now

Some time ago I started a project called 10 Books, it’s buried somewhere in this blog’s past. As I decided I was too pushed to give it time, I shelved it and concentrated on other things which are now drawing to a close. The new book I’d started needs a longer gestation and making time, so I’m aiming for next year with that, but that has given me time to pursue this idea, with the plan that it’s shown in my “Place, Object, Narrative” exhibition at the RBSA Gallery.

I moved the pieces I’d started to lay down onto some nice sheets of Khadi paper and it started to gel, and I had more pieces from various sources [let’s be honest, recently discarded false starts] to add. So now, due to over enthusiasm, it’s “12 Books”. I’m a couple of pieces of paper short; I’ll have to wait until I go to Wales again before I can buy some more. It’s cotton rag paper made in India, from recycled materials, so that sounds extremely politically correct to me…

It was good fun working at home, I still have the studio but I’m finishing a large piece there, so this stuff was at home. I used the bed to lay work out on and could go in and out of the computer room using it for printing etc as I went along. It felt wonderfully creative and flexible, except when it comes to bedtime. So I may be ok without the studio, no choice anyway, but this is the way my creative work will go I think, especially with the artist’s books projects I have in mind. I do all my commercial cards at home anyway, but hope to lay down one last big piece whilst I have that big table available at the studio.

Here’s some of the” books”. The word isn’t used in a literal sense. There’s one more to be added, and then more jiggling, adhering and stitching, but food became necessary, so that’s tomorrow’s job.