Into the Cacao Grove has arrived.

The test copy, as I view it at least, of my artist’s book “Into the Cacao Grove” has arrived, and it’s brilliant. The printing and binding is great, and I’m really grateful to my daughter who photographed it so well. The original is a great heft of a textile book, which was at the Festival of Quilts last year. Lots of people admired it, which I didn’t expect, and they were asking if it was going to be available as a conventional book, so they gave me the idea. I just need to tweak a page, and then I’ll order some more for sale. It’s a great idea, this diy business, as long as you realise you won’t be on Amazon unless some rich publisher takes over. I’m happy with the small scale approach. Here’s a few images, just like “see inside” on Amazon…

It’s A 4 sized, closed.


2 thoughts on “Into the Cacao Grove has arrived.

    1. Hi Viv,

      I’ll be getting them printed which will take a week or two I imagine, then I’ll be selling from my website. I’ll also be taking some to the Festival of Quilts if you’re going there, and there will be one or two other places I’ll be taking them to, like Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair.
      When they are ready I’ll put it on my website. Many thanks for your comment, I must admit it has turned out well, it was experimental initially but they’ve made a really good job of it.

      Best Wishes,

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