The Secret Jungle

The Secret Jungle is finished at last and wrapped and ready to go, to the Festival of Quilts that is. I don’t know what I’d do without the FoQ, I’d never finish a thing without the deadline.

I started it 2 years ago at home and it hung in my studio for 18 months before I got going and finished it. It’s the last of its kind, not that I’ve made many like this, it’s mainly the stitching that’s changing now, ie not so much of it, especially hand stitch. It’s not a minimal piece in any way.

Here are a couple of images of it. It’s about 1.5 x 2 metres, and in it there are images I’ve transfered onto t shirt transfer fabric of my photographs of the Botanical Gardens here in Birmingham, my radio, our old TV, and the stained glass of Sainte- Chapelle in Paris. I have cut them up and appliqued the pieces, I don’t want to use straightforward images, that’s been overdone really. I still like the strange depth a photograph can add to a piece however.

I’m not at all well travelled but on my only visit to Paris [so far] I was lucky enough to be with a friend who had read about Sainte- Chapelle, a Gothic chapel [ finished in 1248] on the Ile de la Cite, so we visited it not knowing how amazing it would be. Just go there if you can, it’s indescribable. One of my favourite places.

I’m about to start on some solid days of work on “14 Books”, the final piece for my solo show in August. I am particularly enjoying it, I like the use of print, text and stitched textile.

The whole piece.

A detail, and another one below too.