Time off

Well, I should have been working on “14 Books” but have had a few days away in Wales, where we experienced a variety of weather. I did expect rain after all the hot sunny weather we’ve had, and we had some of that, plus a gale and some great sunny days too. It was cooler, which I like. I do like a mix of weather, I love the days I call “green and grey days”. It’s a good job I do, after all the holidays we’ve had in the Lake District and Wales. I did once get sun stroke in the Lake District though, so there you are.

Here a a few images of my Wales excursion, inspirational for work and soul. I’ll post some of the finished pages from “14 Books” soon, have a lot to sort out and finish in the next couple of weeks, need to get off the computer….but it’s mildly addictive.

Castell y Bere.

Boat at Aberdovey, love the colours.

Castell y Bere again, order is not my strength.

Slate fencing at Dolgoch Station.

Dolgoch Falls, one of many excellent trees.

Dolgoch Falls.

On the beach, I’ll use these leaf shapes at some point.