Last days at the studio

I’m sad in many ways to be leaving my studio, I have had it for 2 years but it has to go. It has been a wonderful freedom and has given me the opportunity to plan and make bigger work and to be able to spread out, a real luxury,  not tidy up, and to have great walls to pin stuff up. It’s in a rather tatty building, it’s not at all swish, and it has a lovely fresh smell when you walk in in the morning as the windows are old and the air blows in. How it smells so fresh in the centre of Birmingham I don’t know. 

I have started to plan a new piece which will be made in components and stitched together. I bought a great piece of old fabric at a fair, a knowlegable friend thought it dated from the late 50s or early 60s, and it fits in with a theme I’m gradually fomulating based on lizard, beetle, palm and Baroque carving motifs. I laid all the materials out,they are shown below. I then realised I couldn’t use the fabric as I very much only want to use my own fabrics, so I used it as inspiration to paint and print some pieces of fabric instead. They are shown here [third image] but I have some more to do. 14 Books is still on the go, images next week.