A good time in Berkshire

I’ve just taught a weekend workshop at Marianne Mohandes’ lovely set up in Berkshire. The workshop was “Design from Nature”, and the people on it were great. I hope they got something from it, I’m always aware of wanting to give good value.Marianne runs quite a few workshops there herself, here’s her web address   mariannemohandes.com

I was very well looked after there too, Marianne and her husband are lovely. No cooking and a giant tv, I’ll say no more.

As I’m leaving the studio I’m contemplating a garage conversion. This should be interesting as it’s a bit of a heap. I used to have it as a ceramics workshop when I worked with clay, but textiles demand something cleaner and I demand warmth too. I must have been tougher in those days, it was freezing at times. Also my husband has a largely unused woodworking space in it, but I can’t chuck him out, poor soul,so we need a shed too. The garden is not large [thankfully in many other ways] so it will be fun trying to fit that in. I keep going out there with my big ideas instead of working. If it ever happens I will definitely take lots of pictures.

2 thoughts on “A good time in Berkshire

  1. I for one had a wonderful time Stephanie, what a lovely person you are, so good to put the amazing artwork you create to their creator.Was so inspired I can see a multitude of still lifes, just need to get cracking. Big Thank You.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dot, I was mutually inspired by your work; as you know I am goung to show it to my still life class, with full credit of course. Hope to see you at the FoQ.

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