Sorting out

As I’m leaving the studio I’ve had a busy week of much sorting and tidying and moving things along, and indeed fitting stuff in places that had to be truly rooted out. I seem to have relocated my work space to the bedroom. I did have a small space in the kitchen but passing traffic in the form of the other bods who live in the house made it a little difficult to concentrate. Upstairs is good, the computer is in the box room [never has a room been more aptly named, and people laugh out loud at our tiny loo too. The room the loo is in, that is, we haven’t got a weird bit of porcelain] , so that makes it handy for text/book construction ideas which seem to be entering into my work more and more. I’m off to take the last bits out of the studio tomorrow, who knows, one day I may get a building in the garden. The garage conversion idea has bitten the dust, it is sort of beyond hope as a decent space, it’s more useful for woodworking activities and spade storage, and our rattie pals like in in there too, not that they were specifically invited along.

I have pieced together “14 Books” and will use the studio wall for one last time to photograph it, although I have taken single pictures so they will be posted soon, as soon as I have  fiddled with them. I’ve finished and framed other pieces for the show at the RBSA too, so it’s all been a bit loony. I had a quiet couple of hours reading the papers on the bed this afternoon, one needs a little break these days, poor soul.