Some of “14 Books”

I’ve put 14 Books together and photographed it, so here are some images, not the whole 14 or indeed 15 if you count the full picture, you’ll be pleased to know. It will be in my exhibition at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham starting on August 2nd and running until August 28th.

If you want to see all the images they are on my website in the 3D and Mixed Media section. I particularly enjoyed making this piece and I’m having to stop myself starting another book related project as I still have things to finish for the show. I just love starting things, that’s my problem. The full piece is about 2.2 m long and 70 cm wide. Each panel is A3 sized, mounted on my latest prefered material, Khadi paper, using machine and hand stitch, bondaweb and glue to secure a mix of textile, illustration, print and other media.

“Collection II museum”

“The Illustrated Days”