Multi tasking

I’ve been rushing around a bit this week so far doing what feels like a lot. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done, as I seem to be chipping away at several things concurrently, and I know I function best when things are actually done and I can feel as if I really have achieved something. Unfortunately it’s more complicated than that, but I have got all my stuff together for a 2 day workshop I’m teaching near Warwick tomorrow and Saturday, and have moved a piece of work along for an exhibition at Birmingham Botanical Gardens with the Midlands Textile Forum in September. It’s proving to be a useful teaching aid too. I take so much stuff to these courses these days, I swear I can see people’s eyes glaze over when I spread it all out. I’ll put an image on of it soon, and one of a still life I’ve started, mentioned previously.

Went to a fantastic photography exhibition in Birmingham, work by Steve McCurry, a very famous American photo journalist. It’s on until 17th October, so I hope to go again for a second if not third look. It’s on in the Waterhall gallery at the Art Gallery, free too.It was both an education, a reminder, and beautiful.

 I use photography frequently in my work, not that it’s at S.McC’s level in any way of course. It helps me simplify my images and the ultimate finished piece. Otherwise I don’t know when to stop; it’s that background and past history I have of doing very detailed painting and working from life. I intend to let future work become as abstract as it feels right to do so too, and quite often use oddly angled images or close ups of my finished work to lead a new design. I hope I can apply this to the current book idea ; I’ll see what comes out. I have had to stop work on it as it’s a bit of a busy summer, but look forward to a bit of time to let it develop via the use of materials as well as having it brewing away mentally.