Workshop work

As promised, here are some images of the workshop I taught in Leek Wootton last week. It was very enjoyable, a great group, and I got taken to the pub too, excellent.

General business.

The course was “Design from Nature”, and the standard of work was really high.

We had spent the first day painting and printing fabric. The second day was taken up with designing and constructing a piece of work.

Some beautiful fabrics here, produced using acrylic paint, inks, print blocks and leaves.

A luscious echinacea triptych.

A lovely quiet piece based on poppies contrasts with a rich piece inspired by Klimt.

Some wonderful fabrics here, made for a South African themed fire screen.

One happy student, I hope, and one who is working very very hard.

You noted the student who was working very hard, well this is a cicada, which will be part of a larger piece eventually. I liked the mix of printed and plain fabrics she used particularly.

Small and jewel like, great colours.

My picture doesn’t do justice to this work at all. I wanted these fabrics for myself [amongst others I must point out.]

This sea piece is so vigorous, look at the interwoven forms.

Lovely painterly background fabrics were used together in this tree piece.

This is a rather inspiring design sheet, but could easily be a piece of work.

The stylised tulips are part of a subtle and serene piece of work.

Now this last one should have been first, but never mind. This is just some of the painted/printed fabric from day one. The floor became increasingly covered as the day progressed.

I have missed a couple of student’s work, this is because I am extremely stupid. There was the lively and beautifully coloured  piece inspired by the Sagrada Familia, you know, Gaudi, and the amazing Chinese inspired work by Biddy, who patently didn’t believe how excellent I thought it was.  And the very strong woodland composition, although that is in one of the wider shots. Sorry, but if you see this folks, please all send images of the completed work, I never really get to see finished pieces, and I know everyone does finish them…