RBSA workshop and bulls.

Here are a few images from the workshop I’ve just taught at the RBSA Galleries. The title was “Still Life, a personal approach”, but I was flexible about it as there were a couple of A level students, a GCSE student and a BA student amongst others, who all needed to do particular work. It was a good couple of days, and I hope to be back there again next summer if not in spring too. I think they all enjoyed it, the work produced was inspiring.

I will be very happy to get down to some new work, it won’t be for a while yet as I’ve been doing a lot of teaching and planning for shows which are imminent. The studio had the good effect of concentrating the mind, as well as the space to experiment; my latest thoughts are tending towards large work and another book, and the latest work space will prove a challenge in this respect. Had a good chat with 3 textile friends yesterday who all in need of the right space, it’s a perennial problem it seems. Anyway, at the moment I seem to be interested in bulls, towers, and the large colourful posters in an amusement arcade I passed yesterday. And the use of more plastic and metal, so that should all be a challenge. I do like it when something new crops up for no reason, the bulls being a good example. I was looking at a ceramic  bull designed and made in the 50s with zodiac designs by Eric Ravilious yesterday in the Art Gallery in Birmingham, simply because I have liked it for some time. Then I spotted another ceramic  bull from the 30s, garlanded and ridden by 2 children, an interesting concept. I had already looked at another favourite, Nandi, the Indian bull who worships/guards/is ridden by/plays a musical instrument for Shiva, a god. It’s such a glorious little sculpture, carved from granite, 12th century I think.  Well, if bulls don’t feature somewhere in some work in the future, I’ll be surprised. I need to look at some real bulls, don’t think there are any agricultural shows on around here though; and also some more uses of the bull in art.  I may just stick with those chappies I saw yesterday though, although I will probably give my bulls wings, like the Assyrians did. I think I enjoy inspiration more than anything when it comes to creative practice.

Here are some students on the RBSA courses being particularly creative.

2 thoughts on “RBSA workshop and bulls.

  1. It was an inspiring workshop, I came away with so many ideas, and have been working on my piece trying out lots of different techniques.
    Thanks Stephanie, I feel I’ve been liberated to be creative again!

    1. Hi Bronwen, great to see you at the FoQ, and thanks for the fulsome praise, I think it’s better than a holiday sometimes when you feel really fired up and ready to work. Hope the babysitting went ok…

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