Festival of Quilts again

I completely forgot to take any pics today, it was very busy but really enjoyable, and there are some great pieces of work in the quilts area, I just need more time to look rather than work. The pangolin that won the Quilt Creations section is quite a character, good to see something so different chosen. My friend Kate got a third in the Contemporary section, which she didn’t know about until she arrived at the show, how good is that. I’ll photograph and post it. I got a Highly Commended for The Secret Jungle and it was a Judge’s favourite too, the Judge in question being Jenny Dobson so I was very pleased with that. It’s good as it was a piece I thought I’d never finish, it seemed to demand more and more stitches, that’s the trouble with jungle themes, they don’t know the meaning of “minimal”. Images asap, it may be that they appear after the show, when the old energy levels increase.

5 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts again

  1. Hi Stephanie – we had a little chat yesterday but you were very busy being offered a teaching gig in Halifax (I was remembering a ceramics class with you about 12yrs ago at the MAC)
    Congrat’s on the award. I saw your quilt and really liked it without making the connection that is was yours!
    I took LOADS of photos yesterday and some are of your quilt and one of your stall, so if you’d like copies do please email me – claireleggett1@sky.com.
    Best regards
    PS I’m going to do do a blog post about the show if your interested – paintdropskeepfalling.wordpress.com

  2. I also picked out your quilt today as something special although didn’t know it was yours as have only been following your blog for a week or two – congratylations

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