There will be pictures, honest.

I’ve managed, mostly, to sort out my stuff on return from the Festival of Quilts, it seemed to be peculiarly involved. I’m sort of thinking ahead for a trade fair I’m doing soon too, which has complicated things, and I’m away with a friend for a few days too the week after next, leaving the family to enjoy themselves at home. The trade fair happens immediately upon my return, as does going back to teaching at BCU [Birmingham City University, where I teach ceramics]. This is all very poor planning, I admit to not entering certain things in my diary [most things], so I’ve got a year planner now for next year, which looks very important. Just need to put things on it; it comes with coloured sticky labels too, so you can colour code your activities, perfect…   I must admit I do like white space on a calendar, that means you can do some thinking and making, so I’m going to plan that in too. The old time / money interface, always a conundrum. I do enjoy the interaction you have when teaching though, it would be too weird and unhealthy to just make work.

I loved being at the FoQ, just need a couple of good night’s sleep to recover. I met a lot of lovely people, some new, some known. I have sorted out some images of work I liked, but unfortunately can’t credit everyone as I forgot to note the information down.This is very bad, but I didn’t have enough time to look around the show more than once so that’s my poor excuse. If anyone notices their piece and is really annoyed let me know and I’ll bung the info. on, or if anyone wants more info. about a featured piece I’ll go through the catalogue. I’ll post these tomorrow.