Some interesting images as promised [and also one of me…]

Here we are, some images at last, phew. Had to jiggle website first, have had a re think about the cards I do, so that meant they had to be re loaded etc. Any excuse.

I did particularly enjoy the “Quilt Art” gallery, I think it had some of the best quilts in the whole show including the other galleries, absolutely spot on work. No images though, no snapping allowed. I also loved Linda Kemshall’s armchair, a lovely historical piece too, in a family sense.

Well I’m not sure how interesting this one is actually but it’s my little stand, this time last week I was setting it up tomorrow. How quickly things wizz by.

Now this is my friend Kate Brierley’s prize winning quilt. It was third in the Contemporary section, and is very beautiful. Those points are too exact for words, don’t know how she does it.

Please excuse randomness of all this, and also it’s back to me, me, me. It’s only that I didn’t expect to see this old pal ever again, and it turned up on the Bernina stand. They own it as it won runner up in the Quilter’s Guild Challenge 2 years ago, and they sponsor that prize as a purchase prize. It has apparently been spotted hanging in the London offices, which is better I think than being rolled up under our bed. It’s the purply one with the big leaf.

This is me by” The Secret Jungle” It was Highly Commended, I was very happy. It’s under the bed now though.

Now these are gorgeous stitched wedding blankets from Southern Iraq. They belong to Maya Ilg, she has many more and these are just some hanging in a whole gallery of them at the show. We had a pleasant chat and she was allowing anyone to take photographs, very generously. The work is in chain stitched wool.

This was in the Art Quilts section, sorry no name, I love it.

This was my favourite Traditional section quilt, I could live with this.

Sorry no name again, but what an image, excellent.

Yes, I love a budgie, what wit, he’s wearing a crown, quite rightly. No name, big apologies.

Giant and beautifully done pegs from the Quilt Creations section. Apologies again, no name, I have no system.

A general view of the show. It was actually heaving on the first three days, and even Sunday, which is usually a little quieter, was very busy.

I wanted this large quilt too. No name again, sorry.

“Balkan Socks” by Gillian Travis, really well made, each with a story on the back. She has won 2nd and 1st in this Quilt Creations section in 2008 and 2009.

What a joy, the winner of the Quilt Creations section, “Dirty Bertie the Pangolin” by Sarah Bailey. He’s a puppet.

And this is my friend Sue Bibby’s miniature quilt, “Small Wonders”. It is exquisite.