Night Peonies

Well it’s good to get back to some work at last. This week I’ve been sorting a lot of material out ready for the Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham, which happens as soon as I get back from my little holiday in Brussels, the week after next in fact. Time goes too fast, I can’t believe that this time last week I was at the FoQ. I usually treat holidays as a research trip for new material too, so I’m looking forward to that. The trade fair is most probably not ideal for me but I’ll give it a go as one of my experiments, which is my way of rationalising some things I take on which will probably not be entirely successful, ie give them a go and don’t do them again. Anyway, we’ll see.

I’ve been stitching a piece called “Night Peonies” which will be in an exhibition called ” Exotica” at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It’s a Midlands Textile Forum exhibition with a good mix of work, and is on from September 4th until October 5th. It’s got to be finished by Monday, I did take it to the FoQ as my demonstration piece but spent more time talking than stitching, which I liked as I really prefer to work in private, but at least people were interested in it and it was something else to chat about.

So I am on the home straight with it and it was very enjoyable to get stuck in. I decided to finish it by hand rather than machine which is slower but that was the look I wanted.It’s constructed from painted calico and lutrador, with machine and hand stitch and beads. I’ll post some more images of it when it’s done; here’s a close up of a finished area.

It’s got a poem, not that I really call my words poems, and is on khadi paper, which I am increasingly using. It’s tough as old boots and will go through the machine and is good to hand stitch. The 320 gsm is tougher on the hand though, but lovely. Off to check the weather in Belgium. I’m going with an old [he he] school friend who’s been there a few times and has a list of bars she wants to re visit. They look very cosy too…

12 thoughts on “Night Peonies

  1. Have a great time. Haven’t been to the Botanical’s since the children were little – might make a visit and see the show – it sounds interesting. Claire

    1. Hi Claire, the Botanicals are still lovely, there’s been a few changes over the years. I’m looking forward to seeing the show myself, I think there are about 15 people putting in 1 or 2 works each, so it should be interesting. Steph.

    1. Thank you, it was a great experience wasn’t it, I see you were very busy there. I like the pattern development in your sketchbook. I’m looking forward to teaching at the Bramble Patch, it’s my first time and I’ve had some good reports about it.

    1. Thank you Mandi, great to hear from you too. Hope you enjoyed the Festival of Quilts. Keep in touch and come to say hello next year too. Hope your work is going well, I’m taking your noodle to a course I’m teaching this weekend….

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