Night Peonies finished, phew.

As I’m off on hols soon, had to finish Night Peonies so Phil [husband] can deliver it for me while I swan around Brussels, if that’s allowed in Belgium.

Here are some images of it, I think it will be de – framed after the show and be in a book, possibly the next one, or more likely the one after that, which is becoming botanical in nature, the next one being birds. Oh the ambition. Took my show down today at the RBSA, how quickly time passes. Some of the pics will go to the Autumn Fair at the NEC, some have replaced others on our walls, and then will go to Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair in November. I have bought one large frame to do a new piece in for a show next year, I do love a frame to work towards, but may tend to re cycle the frames now, moving pics out and selling them unframed, which can be quite good. I imagine I’ll be concentrating on the new artist’s book and a couple of large pieces now, and easing away from the smaller framed pieces. Here are some images of Night Peonies anyway, and thanks for all those positive comments about “Place, Object, Narrative” Oh yes, “14 Books” is going to continue to develop, hopefully again for a show next year, it’s got to be 21 Books, then I suppose 28…

The flowery part is all textile and stitch, the moth and bird skull are prints from previous embroideries, stitched and with beads added.

The text, printed on khadi paper.

The bird skull. I drew and then stitched the original from a skull in my little collection, I think it’s a herring gull, I found the skull on Barmouth beach some years ago. I do love bones , they are so beautiful. Perhaps I should have stuck with that radiographer training I started when I was 22…

But I didn’t and here’s the moth.