400 images of Belgium….only joking

I did take about 500 images though and some videos, but here are just a few pictures. I’m starting off on a project soon based upon architecture so there were lots of pictures of buildings, which I may or may not use. I do like to use personal reference, and it is particularly enjoyable collecting it.

This is the 15th century Gothic town hall, the Hotel de Ville.

A view from the Royal Quarter down the escarpment towards Grand Place. In the past royalty lived on the higher ground and us peasants lived lower down where the air was considered less wonderful.

Notre Dame du Sablon and a wonderful little garden called Place du Petit Sablon.

This cafe does excellent breakfasts, the bread is gorgeous, especially the hazelnut flutes.

This large work is by a Mexican artist called Javier Marin, who has work exhibited in the Museum and its environs.

I took this image for my architecture project; the church was rather a tatty Baroque building outside but in better repair inside. I can’t remember the name of it until I get hold of my friend’s guidebook which is better than mine, but it has been used as a church of refuge for some centuries, never turning anyone away. We went in and sat for ages listening to 2 chaps rehearsing opera and sacred music and playing the organ, it was magical. They were charming, and coped well with a couple of drunks who also came in but decided the musicians needed their advice, it was hilarious. They went and we sat a bit longer but didn’t offer any advice, as we weren’t drunk at that stage. It struck me that the church was still a refuge.

One of many gabled houses, a style of architecture I love. I want one.

This is the roof of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk, the 13th century church in Bruges which has a Michelangelo sculpture of the Madonna and Child, the only one of his works to leave Italy during his lifetime. I love the tiny bricks used, normally they are rendered so it’s good to see the construction. I spent a lot of time in Belgium enjoying the tiny bricks used in so many old buildings, it keeps me happy so there.

Picture postcard image of Bruges.

George, out of focus and he’s in that box because he sees it as his job to sit in any box that enters the house. This is fun because he tries to get into very small and enormous boxes too, he has no intelligence about dimensions. But then he is a Jack Russell. I’m thinking of sending him to Brussels to finishing school.