Two square metres

Well the trade fair at the NEC in Birmingham is all over and done with, and was the usual mix of quite good fun and tedium. The days were a bit long at this one, the Autumn Fair, and the final day [day 4] was a bit pointless for a lot of us. Still, I thought I’d try it just to sort out definitely whether the commercial route was for me. I had done a trade fair before, in 2009, but since then other opportunities have developed.I like a touch of product making but I think I’ll have to decide one way or the other and art/teaching is probably the best route. Also cheaper. Also one is struck by the huge amount of stuff available these days; it seems to be the way the world survives but is probably out of control, and I know I’m adding to the pile. I suppose there is that thing that when an individual makes the work it has more validity than mass produced stuff; discuss.

My stand was, I thought, the smallest in the five halls that the show filled, which I quite liked; some of the stands were practically the size of small villages.  I did then spot another that was equally tiny. It was big enough for me to squat in the corner and frighten customers off with the very moist cold and hacking cough I found on holiday in Brussels. Anyway I was pleased to get orders and sell embroideries, now all I have to do is make the stuff, something I had sort of forgotten…I’ll post a picture of the mini stand tomorrow.

Also thanks to those who have commented on various things, I do reply to everyone but through the blog so you have to click onto the original comment to see the reply, I think.