Well, I’ve finished all the card orders I took at the Autumn Fair Trade show, and quite frankly, never again. I want to get back to some proper work. I think I’ll whip the cards off the website to prevent further orders….it’s so tempting.

I’m back teaching a couple of ceramics classes a week now too, which is good, and there’s a textile workshop this Friday and Saturday, then things are calmer, work wise. It has been a heavy teaching year, as I’ve done a fair amount of schools workshops too. I count myself lucky to get the work but need to do some creative developments of my own now. So hopefully soon I’ll have some new images to post, instead of words, words, words. Although one project is to continue with the new book, which has text included.

I’m in a magazine,” Sewing World”. It was a q and a sort of thing but they’ve put in a lot of pictures so it looks quite jolly.

 Popped to Hay on Wye on Saturday to deliver an order, it’s a sweet place with very little traffic, as it’s en route to nowhere,which was weird for a city dweller, but very relaxing. Lots of interesting independent shops and of course second hand bookshops, with the unusual and interesting  honesty bookshop at the base of the imposing castle. It looks as if the books are left out all the time, with not much cover, but they looked ok. Strangely enough I didn’t buy a book, it was almost overwhelming, and required more browsing time to get round all the shops, but we did buy what we always seem to buy on a day out, which is a few bunches of beetroots. Exciting stuff ‘eh? No need to find shelf room for them either.