Full Night Peonies

I’ve decided I don’t like gardening that much anymore. I like the garden and I love plants, although I am buying fewer these days as when you get them home you have to do something with them; buying them is the best bit. I like having a potter, in theory, but it never works out that way these days, it’s like heavy labour every time I step into the garden, and it’s a small plot really, but with many plants and trees. Actually it trundles along quite well, but  only if episodes of general hacking take place; it’s a jungle out there. I never really sit in it, I’m not too good at that, I need to go to classes. I’ve just looked up “easy gardening” on the internet in the hope of a brilliant solution, and came across 10 tips to make your gardening experience easier. They were so labour intensive I felt I neede a lie down after reading them. Anyway they seemed designed to make your plants grow more and that’s the last thing I need.

I’ve also decided that growing vegetables is a waste of time, for me anyway, as I am extremely bad at it. I used to be vaguely good at it, but I think I’m living a reverse life. I did lots of gardening and veg. growing from about the age of 10, and now I’ve had enough.

So, with a tenuous connection to the above ramble, here is a picture of the full Night Peonies piece. I have been prompted to post it by a complement from Mandi, who was on a course I taught in Berkshire in the summer. The other post contained just part of the work, so until I get something else going here it is complete with moth, poem and skull. Sounds like something Poe might have written…

The full piece,which is about 90 x 60 cm, and below a close up of the panel at the side.