Back home

Well I’m home after two days teaching at the Bramble Patch in Weedon, Northamptonshire. It’s a great shop with a huge studio and a smaller studio attached, in a quiet and charming little village. I wanted more of a stroll around the village but didn’t have time; there were some wonderful houses and cottages, some built from or featuring the richly coloured ironstone found in a certain area of Northamptonshire which I have visited previously, when we did a little tour of what I call ironstone churches. I’m going to find out more about this material. It looks spectacular in strong autumn sunlight.

I have a lot of images to sort out so here is one of the Bramble Patch itself, as a starter.It’s a wonderful Aladin’s Cave inside, and an excellent place to teach, very relaxing. The group were great, some lovely people, as usual teaching me more than I probably taught them. This is the best sort of teaching I think and I always feel privileged to do it. I always feel sad on the day after these courses have finished, it’s such a pleasant way of life, work, jollity and peacefulness, and I feel I’m just getting to grips with each individual and another day would be wonderful. Whether the students agree or not is another thing…

More images to follow of the workshop and indeed the work.