A multitude of pictures

I’ve sorted the images from the Bramble Patch workshop, “Design from Nature”, and here are some of them, well, rather a lot to be truthful. They are in two blocks, one now, and indeed one later. I must apologise to Michaela and Anne, I seem to have missed them, or at least their work, which was great. They are in the pictures themselves; this is fortunate as they would be feeling really left out.  If you look at this Michaela and Anne, please send me an image of your work so I can include it, as I like to show everyone’s work.

Here we go. First of all a selection of pictures of hard working students printing and painting, the main activity on the first day.

An aerial view from the coffee shop balcony.

Quick change to a bit of vernacular architecture; one of the lovely ironstone cottages in the village.

Another interesting house, it was larger than this shows and obviously quite old. Thatched roof too.

How to work out the history of a building by examining the end wall.

Back indoors, on the second day students start to construct their work. Wonderfully expressive pieces here, a mix of wild landscape and interesting use of driftwood and stones.

And here some beautiful small appliques based on carefully designed elements from leaf and tree images. A collection of these was being built up to stitch and show as one piece.

Excellent fabric used to interpret quinces in a really bold and thrilling composition.

More pictures to follow later….

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