The Bramble Patch continues

A few more images of the Bramble Patch workshop.

A very good use of colour in this mountain landscape.

An exploration of oak leaves using drawing and various applique designs.

Fucshia flowers, unfinished but designed with such delicacy, and set against a perfect vivid background.

These glorious designs were based on fungi and constructed from hand painted and printed fabrics, mountedĀ on felt.

A rather beautiful cockerel made from hand painted fabrics, as yet unfinished; indeed all the work done in the class was taken home to finish.

One of a collection of small elegant pieces, handpainted fabrics mounted on felt.

Aerial veiws on day two.

All handpainted fabrics and isn’t it wonderful?

This was stunning, the start of a beach/seascape, interpreted in a wonderful painterly manner.