A new piece gets going, sort of.

A brief post to kick of a new piece of work after what seems like a long period of not producing what I fondly call “proper work”.

It’s going to be a large hanging, mixed media I imagine, we’ll see how it goes, and with some very large stitches, something which I have been threatening to do for quite a while. I am rather pushed for space since I left the studio, so I’m thinking I may need to take on another. I did feel like a professional artist when I had the studio; I have been a practising and selling artist for 26 years but that special space really did it for me, so I think I will return.

The piece is a Baroque/botanical mix with perhaps occasional animal additions, and here are a couple of images of some of the fabric I may use.

The piece will most likely move from night through to night and this is a selection of night materials.

And these are day materials. I know they look quite similar but black and off- white will also be involved. I’ll post a few working drawings soon.